Friday, February 22, 2008

Intro: The Arrest

An empty city rests quietly under the darkness of night. An eerie wind howls through the alleyways and nothing is heard but the faint sound of rain.

Suddenly a trashcan is knocked over and a older man comes running through the alleyway. The man is screaming for help but his cries spark no response. Nothing stirs but the man's thoughts.

"What will I do? Where can I go?"

An onslaught of footsteps edge closer to the man.

The man sees a woman in the distance and runs towards her. The old man fall to his knees and begs for her help. The woman is startled.

"What's going on?"

The footsteps are louder than ever. Suddenly the footsteps disappear. Two men in dark green cloaks spring out from the darkness and grab the old man on both sides.

A third man suddenly appears behind the woman. This man's cloak is a crimson color with white trim along the sleeves. The man looks down at the woman through his hood.

"We'll take it from here ma'am,"

The woman jets forward as she is surrounded by these cloaked men.

"What are you going to do to him?"

One of the green cloaked men looks her dead in the eyes.

"That's not your concern"

The two green cloaked men drag the old man back towards the shadows. The man is kicking and screaming. The woman is frozen; eyes wide in a state of shock.

"I can't go, I can't! I'm not finished! Someone help!"

The man's screams fade in the distance. The man in the crimson cloak puts his hand on the woman's shoulder.

"There's nothing to worry about, we'll escort him through the gate and it will all be over."

The woman knocks his hand off her shoulder and spits in his face.

"You reapers are all the same... you don't care about us, you act like you are preserving human life and protecting us from the the shadows but that's bullshit!

The man in the man in the Crimson cloak wipes his face; maintaining a callous expression. The woman gets close to the man's face.

"Do you even remember what it's like to be human? Huh? Fucking reaper? How could you drag that man off like that? He may be a shadow but there was no need to run him down like that."

The man remains expressionless as he turns his back to the woman.

"Those are the rule. Human or not, those who disrupt the tranquility of our society must go to the Gate. We Messors are here for your protection. Show some respect."

The woman scoffs and starts to walk away. She stops suddenly and turns her head towards the Messor.

"What's the old saying? 'You reap what you sow?' Well, I hope you burn in hell... reaper."

The woman resumes walking. The Messor steps back and disappears into the darkness.

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