Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Preface: Blind Obsession.

Shortly after the time of sickness known as "Bestian Genesis" the world was in a massive reconstructive phase which left little money to go towards the advancement of science. The convenience of technology and pharmaceuticals only added to the effects of the Bestian virus.

One paranormal scientist, Dr. Franklin T. Messor, hypothesized that humans could gain a form of sight which would allow them to view the ethereal realm. Dr. Messor believed that in the middle of battling the Bestian Virus humans had gone through an evolutionary process which allowed their brains to pick up a new frequency. This frequency would eventually come to be known as the "Messor frequency." It is at this frequency that the spiritual realm vibrates making it virtually invisible and intangible to most human brains which could not interpret the signals.

Dr. Messor sought to expose this hidden realm of being. Dr. Messor's life was consumed by this realm that no one could see. Dr. Messor was backed into a corner by the government and eventually his funding was cut. Dr. Messor's practice was considered heiracy and he was blackballed from most research facilities.

After disappearing for six years Dr. Messor reemerged with a new hypothesis. Dr. Messor speculated that near death experiences could trigger what he called "ethereal perception." With no funding and nowhere to conduct his research Dr. Messor began to experiment on his wife and children. Everyday Dr. Messor would bind his loved ones; testing the boundaries of their fear in order to activate the latent part of their brain.

Dr. Messor's children died as a result of his experiments and his wife became extremely sick. Dr. Messor was over come with grief, but he was determined to continue; he wouldn't let his family's lives be wasted. Dr. Messor's wife continued to get sicker. Dr. Messor could not take the heart ache and he gave up his experiments. He had a new goal; saving his wife from the brink of death. However, due to his experiments his wife's death became inevitable.

Dr. Messor couldn't live with himself after having killed his family and gained nothing from it. He threw himself off a sky scraper. He thought he would soon be with his wife and children but he was wrong. Dr. Messor found himself banished from both heaven and hell for all eternity as punishment for playing God. Dr. Messor's soul walks the earth hoping to be seen by someone; finally proving his theory right.

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